The leit motif of this web-site is to disillusion the masses about myths surrounding cancer and open their minds to its realities – cancerrealism or truth about cancer

It was 2500 years ago when the famous Indian sage Charaka classified Arbuda (i.e. tumors) into two categories - Saumya (i.e. benign) and Ghataka (malignant). He advised that arbuda of saumya variety to be treated and Ghataka variety be left alone, or else the patient might curse the doctor.”- The Other Face of Cancer, Bhalani Publications (Click this link to see some interesting realization on cancer of some physicians of Ancient India)

It is a confounding fact that, so often, an evident cancer cannot be held responsible for a person's death. “Cancers are generally not in themselves fatal; that is, with rare exceptions they do not produce toxins or otherwise kill the host directly”. (Seeds of Destruction. The Science Report on Cancer Research. Plenum Press, N.Y., 1975)

Therefore, we should deplore the popular usage of military terminology for cancer like calling it killer, slayer, enemy and so on.

Never in the history of mankind has so much untruth been told so often by so few to so many, for so long, at such a backbreaking fiscal and human cost. The site (document) seriously questions the customary view on the long held notion about cancer. The statements have been amply corroborated in the web-site (document) and the viewer will feel reassured.

The site has been developed keeping in mind a wide gamut of viewers    from Doctors, Patients, Journalists, Researchers and anybody who is even slightly keen to know about Cancer

  • The Bengali version of "The Other Face of Cancer" with a 2018 update has been published by  Upapatha Publications from Kolkata. Dr. Sthabir Dasgupta  did a wonderful translation of the book

  • Great News for Marathi Readers!!! The "Other Face of Cancer" is now available in Marathi as "Cancer Chi Dushri Baju". The book in English which was originally authored by Dr.Manu Kothari and Dr. Lopa Mehta was translated by the eminent pharmacologist Dr. Avinash Dorle (Late) from Nagpur. The book is updated with the happenings in Cancer World till 2016, can be obtained from "Hriday Mitra Mandal, C/o A N Nafde, Prashant, Khare Town, Dharampeth, Nagpur 440010". Price Rs.300-/-

  • Good News for Hindi Readers: "The Other Face of Cancer" is translated to Hindi as "Cancer Ka Shant Swaroop" by J N Mukherjee. The book is available on on-line stores like, All channels of amazon like , (  and

  • Other Face of Cancer 2009 edition by Dr. Manu Kothari & Dr. Lopa Mehta is available with Bhalani Medical Book House Mumbai  (Bhalani Publications)

  • 2012 Publications from Manu Kothari and Lopa Mehta (Click Here)

  • Tamil translation was by N Mani and N P Haran as Kavalaippadaathey Sagotharaa, published by New Horizon Media Pvt. Ltd of Chennai.