We have developed  this entire web-site based on the philosophy, thought and guidance of Dr. Manu Kothari and Dr. Lopa Mehta of Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital Parel, Mumbai (India). 

 It was in mid-1973 that Dr. Kothari and Dr. Mehta published The Nature of Cancer - 23 chapters, 55 comprehensive and exhaustive tables, 132 illustrations, over 6000 reference, in 932 pages. It scoped the cancer scene from pre-Christian times to early 1973. Lawrence E. Savage who reviewed this voluminous work wrote "I am impressed with the literary style of this extensive work and the authors have a masterful command of the English language, rarely seen in scientific manuscript today." In 1981, Brian Inglis the noted British jouranlist wrote a book titled "The Disease of civilization" published from London. Referring to the book "Cancer Myths and Realities of  Cause and Cure" by Dr. Kothari and Dr.Mehta(in fact this was the only book which Inglis referred) he wrote "Orthodox medicine’s assumptions about cancer, they argue, are based on a myth including such facts as that cancer is caused by an agent and that it can be diagnosed at a stage when a pre-emptive strike at it would assure a cure. Cancer cannot be prevented or treated they claim; so diagnosis cannot effect the ultimate issue.” .

A Niagara of  printed words continue to wash our ignorance on cancer. But this is the Niagara of untruth. The result is that today's oncologist knows more and more about less and less truth till he knows all the untruth about a vanished truth.

We saved few of near and dear ones by referring to the suggestions provided by these two great physicians. We recommend viewers of this site  to read their book "The Other Face of Cancer", an "Other India Press" publication.

Truth or 'Satya' (as we call it in India) is rooted in existence, or an unchanging "isness". The truth that Dr. Kothari and Dr.Mehta gleaned about Cancer was put before the world in 1973 through their book "Nature of Cancer",  the passage of time and the glorious researches on cancer have not been able to force any changes on their findings. What else can be a better evidence than this letter from Cate Fitzroy from London, who read the book "Nature of Cancer"   1970s. Click here to see the letter......... 

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